Getting Started

1 Who are you? What is Livesbuy?

Livesbuy is an authorized reseller of BIGO Live. We're open for diamond and gift card sales and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find great deals here with low price and instant delivery.

2 Why are the diamond packages different on your website than what’s shown on the Reseller Page in the BIGO app?

The diamond packages shown on the Reseller Page in the BIGO app are just examples set by BIGO and don’t reflect what resellers have to offer.As a third-party diamond reseller, the diamond packages we have available to purchase are shown here on our website.

3 Is the BIGO diamonds of Livesbuy officially authorized?

Yes, Livesbuy is an official partner of BIGO. All BIGO diamonds sold are officially authorized. The BIGO platform also has a Livesbuy diamond exchange entrance. Please feel free to purchase.

4 Can I buy diamonds for someone else?

Yes, just fill in the BIGO ID of others when placing an order.If you buy the gift cards, you can give the code to your friends.

5 Where will the BIGO gift card be received after the order is placed?

After the order placed successfully, the Code of the BIGO gift card will be sent to the mailbox you filled in the delivery information. Please get the Code in the mailbox. If you haven't received the Code for a long time, please contact the online customer service for inquiry.

Getting Started

6 How to use BIGO gift card?

After receiving the Code of the BIGO gift card, you can find the Livesbuy exchange entrance in the recharge method of the corresponding region in the BIGO, and enter the Code to get the diamonds.

7 Can I use BIGO gift cards in other regions?

No, BIGO gift cards sold by Livebuy can only be redeemed in designated areas.

8 Can I get a refund if I don't want the BIGO gift card?

No, the gift card is a special product and cannot be returned or replaced once sold.

9 What if the gift card cannot be used?

In case that the gift card cannot be used, is invalid, or the diamond exchange quantity is inconsistent with the order, please contact the customer service directly, and the customer service will verify at the first time.

10 When is the customer service online?

Livesbuy customer service is 7X24 hours customer service, ready to serve you at any time.